We develop each child...




At Fleur Primary we develop the child to his/her full potential as a person. The foundation of education is moral values and standards and we teach the learners to accept responsibility for their talents and rights. At Fleur Primary, the learners are guided through quality education and an organised environment to be acceptable individuals in the community. Through education in the learners' mother tongue we strive to prepare the learner mentally, and to develop his/her skills in a balanced manner to face the demands of our time. Our school has qualified educators and adequate facilities at its disposal to lead learners in their development to full potential. In this quest, our parent community is an integral part of the education team. 



To prepare each child at Fleur Primary for the divers and multi-cultural society of South Africa, and to enable each learner to be him or herself, and to develop sensibly, communicatively, and creatively.



  • To provide arranged and organised target driven education, learner progression and leadership to enable the learner to acquire his or her place in the technological era. 
  • To equip staff adequately to enable them to realise the vision.






What a good number

1006 Is the total number of learners currently enrolled at Fleur


Our team 

45 Dedicated teachers that promote quality learning and teaching. 


Years in the business 

For 56 years Fleur has been a safe environment for children to learn.


School Times

Teaching take place every Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 13:40

30 June

Last day for Term 2

The 2nd term will end on the 30th of June at 10:00

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